Friday, April 30, 2010

Teacher and Student.

I feel excited to start blogging again, but I don't know how to do the exposition for this 'very new entry'. Blame myself for abandoning this blog for such a long hiatus. My hands are cramping and I am out of practice. Now I know why I cannot write good stories. Ever heard of this saying, "Practice makes perfect"? Telling you the truth, I, actually, am afraid of so many grammatical errors found in my writing. Therefore, English is not part of me. I am so not used to it, nor practising it in my daily life. The last I learned was in my primary school. Then, my parents sent me into this 'madrasah schooling' system or more like 'pondok's' to be specific, where there was no English's in the syllabus. Alhamdulillah, I must say that the six years passed of being a 'tolibatul 'ilm' were such a precious gift that I could not even ask for more. The 'arshad-mashaikh', the loving fellows and the lovely environment in the madrasah brought tranquility  in my heart though I still have loadddsss to better myself.

Speaking of the madrasah itself, as you are well aware, that there is no such 'perfect' or 'happily ever after' school in this world. So does my madrasah. Such barriers, imperfections, circumstances, hurtful and embarassing moments are very essential for every student because those are actually our inevitable memories to better ourselves. If not, then I must say that the student is abnormal. There must be loving murabbis and vice versa included in the 'scene' to make it more realistic. Partially agreeing on this, though.

Wait, I am trying to be specific. I was actually wanting to point out the teacher's role in teaching and educating the students. Stop comparing who is good or who is bad. I am not criticising anyone regarding this topic. Start thinking. Imagine, if you are a student, how do you like to be treated by your teachers? Then, imagine, if you are a teacher, how do you like to be treated by your students? I am giving you a simple analogy, if you are a teacher, and you know that there is one of your students, bad-mouthing you at your back, how would you feel? Same goes to when you are a student, and you know that one of your respected teachers, is bad-mouthing at your back, how would you feel?

You will feel betrayed, don't you?

You keep mentioning about 'berkat ilmu'. 'Berkat ilmu' is not something that has to do with the students only. In this case, the teachers are also related.  But before that, do you understand the exact meaning of 'berkat'. 'Berkat' means the 'ilm can benefit others and can be benefited. If you are honest in teaching and educating your students, not only your 'ilm (knowledge) can be benefited by your students in the forthcoming  time but they can benefit others in a prolonged time.

Lastly, I want you to penetrate to what I am quoting from Bai's blog, by Professor Dr. Muhammad al Mahd :

1.Find several different ways each day to remind your child that they are Khalifah of Allah.
2.Take the opportunity, a number of times each day, to give positive attention (warm praise) to your child for any good things they do or good characteristics they show.
3.Set firm, reasonable rules for your child, make sure your child understands those rules, and enforce those rules consistently with “kind” discipline (this means without harshness).
*The word 'child' can also be interpreted as 'student'. For more reference, you can simply refer to Imam Al-Zarnuji's "Instruction of  the student : The method of learning", or Imam Ghazali's "Ayyuhal Walad"
So, reach deep within ourselves and start pondering, are we doing these to our students? Hmmm. Sorry for my bad English, anyway.
Open for discussion.