Saturday, May 5, 2012


About to prepare to end this long hiatus from blogging.

I thought I'd be more productive on tapping the keyboards and instantly having lots of published entries on this blog since knowing myself would stay in Cairo; the capital city of Egypt, blossomed with friendly and warm Egyptian people. The food here is a great delicacy besides the reasonable prices on most thing sold here from food to attires and etc.

But I'm sorry for leaving this blog without updates because I've found my current addiction Mr. Instagram. And such a long time I am no longer on Facebook for your information. I am more productive on having dates and loves with Mr. Instagram, and this should not be the major excuse of leaving this blog behind, no?

So well, it's now spring and about to end real soon and there comes summer and it's a sign of.. a great VACATION ! I'll be home this June, lovers!

That's the current update of what I am on now. Well, pray for me prior to finals end of this May.

I'd be happy to start blogging again in no time soon, IsA. 😊


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Winter-break getaway was a valentine for me, I must admit it.

You gave me sweets when I only asked for a chocolate.

Thank you very much for this lovely holiday even though we could not go on trips, but to me, spending the time with you was the only thing I could ever ask for.. A second with you means everything to me. For me to be more grateful having you in my life.

I am going to miss all the ticklings and laughings and smilings and wekkings at each other!

Iloveyou, with all my heart.